The Abundant Valley
In the heart of the Catawba Nation's creation story lies a profound narrative of emergence and perseverance, where First Woman was guided to a valley of boundless abundance fraught  with earthly trials. Inspired by the work of fashion icon Alexander McQueen, Catawba symbols, and the inky, mirrored style of Rorschach prints, it is within this sacred tale that "The Abundant Valley" finds its roots as a series of artworks.
Immersed in a tapestry of Catawba tradition, the artist is captivated by the timeless wisdom woven into the creation myth and other stories of old. They speak of adventures filled with both blessings and challenges - a duality echoed in the realities of modern life. Inspired by this narrative, this series endeavors to bridge the gap between ancient lore and contemporary reality to offer a glimpse into the nuanced interplay between tradition and modernity.
From the resilience of community bonds to the struggles of cultural preservation in a society obsessed with forward momentum, these pieces serve as a mirror, reflecting a myriad of facets of modern Catawba life.
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