Old World Visions LOGO DESIGN
Designed with a blend of traditional inspiration and contemporary flair, the logo for "Old World Visions" aims to represent the convergence of heritage and innovation.
The process began with hand sketches and drawing from a variety of influences such as catawba mark making, popular culture, and modern day outdoor & clothing brands. Each stroke was guided by the client's vision: to establish an online marketplace for indigenous creators where traditional craftsmanship meets the digital age.
The design evolved through three iterative stages. The client, drawn to the designer's work for its fusion of traditional ethos with a modern twist on Catawba culture, resonated with the final incarnation.
Inspired by the business's name, an eye motif emerged, challenging the viewer's comfort zone while symbolizing the act of looking forward with inspiration. A secondary wordmark was also created for more casual or creative marketing applications. These designs embody the spirit of "Old World Visions" - a testament to honoring our heritage while forging new paths.
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